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Energy is The Chief Root Hero of all Success!



Arahat Nāgasena once told King Milinda:
Your majesty, like a man might reinforce a house that was falling
down with an extra piece of wood, & being thus strengthened that
house would not collapse. Even so, your majesty, has energy (viriya)
the characteristic of reinforcing support & consolidating strength.
By energy are no advantageous states lost. The Questions of King Milinda:
Milinda-Pañha 36

Energy is the prime state of a chief hero, a champion, a conqueror!
Its characteristic is enthusiastic and forceful thrust of exertion.
Its function is the supporting foundation of associated states.
Its manifestation is a state of non-collapse of whatever is good.
The proximate cause of energy is a sense of urgency that stirs up.
Alternatively: Any source that stimulates and instigates energy.
It is said by the Blessed One that one who is stirred and aroused
by energy exerts and struggles properly. That leads to all success!
Rightly instigated it should be seen as the root of all attainments!
Visuddhimagga XVI 137



For a full Study on Energy (Viriya): The root Hero of all Success:


Energy is The Chief Root Hero!

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