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Reality is Moments of Mentality & Materiality!

Nāma-Rūpa  = Name-and-Form = Naming-and-Forming!

The mind is that, which knows the object! The object is that, which is known!
These two processes always arise, and cease together simultaneously...
Neither inside, within, nor apart from, outside these two is any observer agent,
"person", "I", "Me", or other assumed entity as a hidden variable, ever involved!
The mind is immaterial, formless and invisible. The object may be designated
or named 'material', 'physical', 'formed' and even 'visible' or 'external' only,
and exactly to the extent, and in so far, as it is experienceable by the mind!
No same, constant, lasting 'real', 'actual' or 'substantial substance' has ever 
existed 'out there' independently or separable from the mind, that right then
momentarily perceived, and thereby apprehended, displayed, manifested, and
designated it! This core dual pair of mentality (nāma), and materiality (rūpa),
is thus one united, yet dual continuum, like the two ends of the same stick!
The 2 sides of the very same coin. Two different aspects of the same event..
They do never emerge, nor do they ever exist, nor can they ever be observed
separately, in and of themselves, but they can only arise in mutual dependence,
like two thin creepers can only arise & stand up if intertwined with each other.
Mentality and materiality thus arise and cease simultaneously in each moment!
They are thus the most basic, fundamental and primary pair on the bottom of
the dynamic ever-changing process of any being in any existence of any reality...
What is called 'matter' is delimited, defined, characterized, conceptualized,
compartmentalized, and even named by mind! Therefore can matter never be
separated from mind, like if one tries to break the dual-ended stick in order
to separate the ends, then one always gets two sticks, still each with 2 ends!
Therefore one unambiguously always ends up with observing a pair-wise new
event of mentality and materiality! The basic founding, yet often unnoticed,
unspoken, and maybe even sometimes tenaciously denied assumption underlying
all Western science that: The naked, passive, objective observation is possible!
"Matter can be observed and analyzed objectively, fully independently of mind!"
is therefore an utterly false, futile and even somewhat childish assumption...

No observation can ever be independent of mind! Why not? What is observing
IS the mind!
The naive physicist who postulates: 'Independently of Mind, "I!"
will observe and describe matter!' extending out of his range of understanding,
thus speaks folly false, and is thereby later ultimately enforced to introduce
'mysti-phystical' entities as 'hidden variables' into his explanations, in order
to reach completeness, coherence, and internal consistency...
He seems to be in complete oblivion of the dry fact, that even before one even
thinks of, even speaks of, or experiments with any kind 'matter' whatsoever,
mind has indeed been long and hard at work! The basic hidden, yet always present,
factor in any kind of objective observation, is naturally and inherently mind itself!
However, this mind factor is not so hidden, that it cannot be observed & analyzed
and that even without any laboratory, or even a single 'instrument' apart from
a pillow to sit on! Meditation - the contemplative method - is thus the real deal...
Everyone, without even a single exception, who sits down with closed eyes, will
instantly be overwhelmed by a veritable storm of mentally created distractions:
This is the Mind! This is undeniably real mental activity knocking at your door!
When this dynamic self-sustaining duality of mentality-materiality, this self-
propagating perpetuum mobile, cease to evolve, consciousness thereby ceases to
establish itself on any object! This - only this, in and of itself - is the very final
End of all Suffering... Thus escaping the duality mirror box of mind and matter..

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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