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Effective is the Simile of the Saw with 11 Advantages!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
If, Bhikkhus and friends, evil robbers should cut off your limbs with a
double-handled saw, whoever gives way to anger would not be acting
on my advice. For thus should you train yourselves: Unperturbed shall
our minds remain, no evil words shall escape our lips, friendly and full
of sympathy shall we remain, with heart full of goodwill, without any
hidden ill will, will we pervade all beings with only friendly thoughts,
intense, vast, deep, infinite, freed from all hate, anger and irritation!
MN 21

If, Bhikkhus, this sublime mental release by all-embracing friendliness
has been much trained and developed, made one's vehicle & foundation,
if it is firmly established, brought to greatness and full perfection,
one may expect these eleven blessings:
1: One sleeps peacefully! 2: One Awakes peacefully 3: No evil dreams!
4: One is liked by all humans & 5: non-humans 6: The Devas protect one!
7: Fire, poison, & weapons cannot touch one 8: Quick is concentration!
9: One's features brighten up! 10: No panic at death! 11: One is reborn
in the fine-material Brahma-world or even higher...
AN 11:16

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The Simile of the Saw!

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