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The Ego illusion is the Strongest invisible Prison!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
'I am' is an illusion. 'This I am' is an illusion. 'I shall be' is an illusion. 
'I shall not become this or that' is an illusion. 'I shall be of form' is an illusion.
'I shall become formless' is an illusion. 'I shall become endowed with perception' is an illusion.
'I shall become without any perception' is an illusion. 'I shall become neither with nor without
perception' is an illusion. Any Ego-illusion is torture, a mind cancer, and a thorn in the future...
If, however, all illusion is overcome, one is called a stilled one, a sage. And the stilled one, the sage,
is reborn no more, grows old no more, nor accumulates any future deaths. Why not?
That craving, through which he could be reborn, is all eliminated!
If he is not reborn, how can he ever grow old? If he never grows old, how can he ever die?
If one never dies again, how ever to be in panic? If neither in any panic, nor in any urge,
how can one ever be haunted by any craving, longing or hoping? This thus ends Suffering!

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The EGO is a void illusion: A Freudian Folly!

Source Text (extract): Majjhima Nikāya 140: Analysis of the Elements:

The Ego illusion..

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