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The Final Liberating Relinquishment:

When ignorance of the 4 Noble Truths finally fully evaporates, then:
One no longer clings neither to any sense pleasures, any views, nor any rules and rituals!
One no longer clings to any idea of a "self, I, Me, Ego, Soul, or any Identity" whatsoever...
When one does not cling, then one is not agitated! One thus remains silently imperturbable...
When mental perturbation is impossible, one attains the state of Nibbāna  right there!
One then understands: Rebirth is ended, this Noble life has been fully completed,
what had to be done is done, there is no more relapsing into any state of being...

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Nibbāna is a Phase Transition of Consciousness!

Source: Majjhima Nikāya I 68: The shorter speech on the Lion's Roar.

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