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What are the 5 Root Living Rules?

The Blessed Buddha once said to Anathapindika:
Whoever, householder, has not overcome five terrible evils, such one
is without morality, is without control and will be reborn in hell.
And what are those five terrible evils?
They are killing, stealing, sexual abuse, lying, and taking intoxicants.
But whoever has overcome these five terrible evils, such one is pure,
well controlled and will be reborn in a happy world.
One who is doing these 5 things, creates both present, and future
extreme misery, and will thus experience much mental pain & regret!
One who abstains from these 5 things produces neither any present,
nor any future misery, nor will he experience mental pain or grief.
Such terrible evil is thus eliminated by him and extinguished in him...

Audio: Moral Purity is Prime Podcast:

Whoever murders living beings, speaks words that are not true,
Takes what does not belong to him, seduces wives of other men,
Takes intoxicating drinks or drugs, to which he/she strongly clings:
Anyone who does not shun these 5 evils, is
indeed without pure morality!
And when his/her body once dissolves, that blind fool might fall into hell...
Who does never harm any being at all, who never utters any lie, or falsehood,
Who never takes what is not his, nor seduces his/her neighbour's spouse,
Nor ever wishes in all his/her life to drink intoxicating drinks or take drugs,
that causes carelessness and sloppy neglect. Any human who shuns these 5 evils,
is rightly called a virtuous human; and when his/her body once dissolves, such
wise human rises heavenward to bliss.

Source (edited extract):
Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 5:174

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Integrity must be lived out in every Praxis..

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