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After the Great Hells one goes to the Minor Hells!

There are Eight Great Hells! These are:
1: The Revival Ever Hell (Sañjīva),
2: The Black Thread Hell (Kālasutta),
3: The Crushing Hell (Sanghāta),
4: The Screaming Hell (Roruva),
5: The Loud Screaming Hell (Mahāroruva),
6: The Burning Torture Hell (Tapa),
7: The Great Torture Hell (Mahātapa),
8: The Relentless Hell (Avicī).

1: The Revival Hell (Sañjīva) where one survives & cannot die from pain!
Those who, because of greed, confusion, fear, or anger, kill living beings
or having nursed them, slaughter them for sale, they will be reborn in the
Sañjīva Hell. There though killed and killed again for many thousands of
years, because they revive there again and again for more pain, this is
called Sañjīva Hell: The Revival Forever Hell... Even death cannot stop it!

2: The Black Thread Hell (Kālasutta) where one is cut up by a black line!
Men who are hostile towards friends, mother, father & good pure ones,
who are slanderers & liars they go to The Black Thread Hell (Kālasutta).
Since they are split like wood with burning saws along a marking line,
made by black thread, so it is called Kālasutta: The Black Thread Hell...

3: The Crushing Hell (Sanghāta) where one is crushed to pulp repeatedly!
Those men who kill goats, rams, jackals, hares, rats, deer, boar & other
free living & roaming beings, they end up in The Crushing Hell (Sanghāta).
Since, crushed together between huge mountains, splattered, squeezed,
smashed, & squashed to fluid mash there in a total slaughter, this niraya
is called Sanghāta: The Crushing Hell...

4: The Screaming Hell (Roruva) where one screams like a bound pig in fire!
Those who harass or torment other being's body & mind & who cheats go
to The Screaming Hell (Roruva). There they give forth terrible screams,
howls, yells, in outcry over being constantly consumed by fierce fire, &
ferocious flames. This blaze is thus called: Roruva The Screaming Hell...

5: The Loud Screaming Hell (Mahāroruva) where one screams even more!
Those who steal what was entrusted to them or steal the possessions of
devas, high people, recluses & teachers, by causing suffering even to such
good ones go to Mahāroruva: The Loud Screaming Hell. There the pain &
affliction of the fire torment & the screaming is even greater then ever.
This inferno is therefore called Mahāroruva: The Loud Screaming Hell...

6: The Torture Hell (Tapa) is an immense conflagration of bitter pain!
Whoever burns creatures in conflagrations such as forest fires, that
person, weeping and wailing, is eaten by a fiery fire of blazing flames.
Since this severe burning torture continues without interruption, this
is known in this world here as Tāpana: The Burning Torture Hell...


7: The Great Torture Hell (Mahātapa) is an even more burning hurting!
The foolish nihilist who perversely insists that Dhamma is non-Dhamma
and whoever harms other beings deliberately is tortured by fierce fire
in The Great Torture Hell (Mahātapa). Since it burns beings even worse
than theTāpana
, this holocaust is called Mahātapa: Great Torture Hell...

8: The Relentless Hell (Avicī) where the pain is without break or pause!
Those showing enmity to those of greater virtue, slaying Nobles, pure
disciples or also their mother, father, or teachers, they are reborn in
The Relentless Hell (Avicī). Even the bones burns to ashes there, since
the heat is excessively terrible. Because there is no interval, break, or
pause, this is called Avicī: The Relentless Hell... Without interruption..

These are the 8 great Hells explained by the Teacher of the 3 worlds!

Source (edited extract):
Pañcagatidīpanī  by Ashvaghosa & Saddhammaghosa 11-12th century AC.
Tr. by Ann A. Hazlewood. Journal of the Pāli Text Society. Vol. XI 1987:


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The 8 great Hells!

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