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What is the Highest Blessing?

Thus have I heard:
On one occasion the Exalted One was dwelling at the monastery of Anathapindika, in Jeta’s grove,
near Savatthi. Now when the night was late a certain deity, whose surpassing radiance illuminated
the entire Jeta's Grove, came to the presence of the Exalted One. After drawing near, he then
respectfully saluted Him, and stood to one side. Standing he addressed the Exalted One in verse:
Many deities and men wishing to know what is good, have pondered on the blessings and auspicious
signs of luck. Please tell me what is the highest blessing? And what is the best protection?

The Blessed Buddha responded:
Not to associate with fools, but only with the wise. To honour only those, who are
worthy of honour. This is the highest blessing, and this is also the best protection.

To live in a suitable place, to have done good merits in the past, and to set oneself
on the right Noble path. This is the highest blessing, and also the best protection.

Great learning, good skills, a highly trained discipline, and a pleasant speech.
This is the highest blessing, and such is also the best protection.

The support of father and mother, the cherishing of wife and children, and
a harmless job. This is the highest blessing, and also the best protection.

Generosity, pure morality, the helping of relatives, and blameless behaviour.
This good is the highest blessing, and such is also the best protection.

To avoid all evil action, to abstain from intoxicants, and firmness in virtue.
This advantage is the highest blessing, and is also the best protection.

Reverence, humility, contentment, gratitude, and hearing the Dhamma in time.
This is indeed the highest blessing, and at the same time the best protection.

Patience, respect, sight of, and conversation with calm recluses in due time.
This is the highest blessing, and this rarity is also the best protection.

Self-control, living the Noble life, realising the 4 Noble Truths, and Nibbāna.
This is the highest blessing, and that is also the best protection.

The be unmoved by the 8 worldly conditions # sorrowless, stainless, and safe.
This is the highest blessing and that also is the best protection of all beings.

Having fulfilled all these requirements, everywhere they are undefeated,
everywhere they go in safety, fearing nothing, cooled, calmed and serene...

These are the highest blessings and also the best protections of all beings!

# Note: The 8 worldly states beings perpetually run towards, and away from:
Gain and loss, fame and disrespect, praise and blame, happiness and sorrow.

Regarding Blessing (Mangala) as a good, lucky, or auspicious sign see:

Source: Sutta Nipāta Sn 258-269 in BPS Wheel no 54 (Edited Excerpt):

The Mirror of the Dhamma. A Manual of Buddhist Devotional Texts.
By Nārada Thera and Bhikkhu Kassapa. Revised By Bhikkhu Khantipālo:

May all beings become thus happy thereby :-)

The Highest Blessing...

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