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 The 7 Latent Tendencies (Anusaya):


1: The Latent Tendency to Sense-Desire.
2: The Latent Tendency to Aversion and Anger.
3: The Latent Tendency to Skeptical Doubt.
4: The Latent Tendency to Speculative Views.
5: The Latent Tendency to the Conceit that: "I am".
6: The Latent Tendency to Craving for Becoming.
7: The Latent Tendency to Blind Ignorance.

These are inherently deeply imbedded and hidden in the core of the mind, where these
subtle tendencies ever again exert their disadvantageous influence over our thoughts,
speech, and all of our behaviour. Biased by such corrupt inclinations, any intention to act
will only produce detrimental and painful future results... The only tool capable of overcoming
and extracting them is indeed this quite Noble 8-fold Way: The Ariya Atthangika Magga:

1. Right View (sammā-ditthi)
2. Right Motivation (sammā-sankappa)
3. Right Speech (sammā-vācā)
4. Right Action (sammā-kammanta)
5. Right Livelihood (sammā-ājīva)
6. Right Effort (sammā-vāyāma)
7. Right Awareness (sammā-sati)
8. Right Concentration (sammā-samādhi)

The Latent Tendencies are the Hidden Driver of Mind!
The 'surface structure' of ignorance specific for each mind
determines that minds
possible trajectories of behaviour.
Local minima are Samsara.
The Global minimum is Nibbāna!

More on these 7 Latent Tendencies (Anusaya):

The Latent Tendencies are like mental Strange Attractors!
These confine mind into habitual cyclical repetitive behaviour.
This explains the common repeat of irresistible bad habits.. 

The 7 Latent Tendencies...

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