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       Having been in the Great Hells one goes to the Minor Hells!

There are 4 kinds of Minor Hells around each great Hell:
1: The Cesspool of Excrement & Leech Hell (Milhakūpa)
2: The Red Hot Embers Hell (Kukkula)
3: The Razor & Spike Tree Hell (Asipattavana)
4: The Acid River Hell (Nadī)

1: The Cesspool of Excrement & Leech Hell (Milhakūpa)
Those coming out of a great
Niraya fall into the excrement cesspit, where
thousands of leeches with rasping needle-mouths pierce through the skin,
flesh, bone and suck out their bone-marrow...


2: The Red Hot Embers Hell (Kukkula)

Coming out of the Excrement & Leech Hell one fall into the Red Hot Embers
Hell, where beings roast crispy dry until they crack like mustard seeds...

3: The Razor & Spike Tree Hell (Asipattavana)
From the embers, beings see shining green trees with many leaves and they
run towards them seeking safety. There giant crows, vultures, dogs, owls
boars, terrifying with beaks and teeth of metal, hunt them down and eat
their flesh. Yet they do not die from that. The flesh all grows out again,
the victims rise up, and are hunted down and devoured again and again...
When the leaves of the trees are stirred by the wind, then they fall and
like big razor blades cut of nose, ears, arms, & legs of the crying victims.
When they try to escape by climbing up the trees they are pierced with
burning thorns 1 foot long...  

4: The Acid River Hell (Nadī)
From the forest they plunge into a river of acid. There the caustic fluid
takes off their skin and bites into the flesh, pungent, sharp & sour hot...

Those who assail others in battle to destroy others, are later reborn with
swords for nails, made of iron, ablaze and sharp. Then they cut each other
to pieces and all suffers a lot...
The warders of hell make the adulterer climb that simbali tree of metal,
flaming, sharp-pointed and with thorns sixteen finger-lengths long. There
metal-toothed, huge bodied, blazing fearsome females, embraces him &
devour his flesh as he is one who stole another's wife...
Torn and lacerated in the Asipattavana forest, men who are traitors wail
while giant dogs, vultures, owls, and crows devour them...
Those steal others properties repeatedly have to swallow melted iron balls
and drink molten copper. This pass through and comes hizzing out below!
Passionate hunters are hunted down & devoured by dogs with fearsome
iron teeth violently ripping them apart, though they cry & whine like pigs...
Fishermen who routinely kill beings born in water, such as fish, go to the
terrible acid river Vetarani, whose running fluid is like blazing copper...
Whoever, was full of stubborn ignorance, or greedy for bribes, weeping,
is struck by red-hot hammers like mechanical mountains crush those who
in this world have caused crushing to other beings in various ways...
Those breakers of the Dhamma-bridges & those who preached the wrong
false Way weep, as they are forced to walk a path of sharp razor blades...
Men who crush lice between their nails are themselves crushed again and
again between rams as mighty as mountains...
Those who crush any insect are crushed again and again by iron pestles...
Men who are cruel, exceedingly hateful, always intent on killing, & happy
by the suffering of others, are reborn as barking mad rakkhasa demons.
The seeds of absolutely all this suffering are wrongdoing by way of body,
speech, or mind. One should thus eagerly avoid all even minute wrongdoing!

These are minor Hells explained by the Teacher of the 3 worlds!


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Source (edited extract):
Pañcagatidīpanī  by Ashvaghosa & Saddhammaghosa: 11-12th century AC.
Tr. by Ann A. Hazlewood. Journal of the Pāli Text Society. Vol. XI 1987:

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What The Blessed Buddha said on the Hells:
MN 130: Devadūta Sutta (The Heavenly Messengers.):


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23min in Hell by Bill Wiese's experiences seems exactly resembles Devadūta Sutta

     The Minor Hells are also Real!

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