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Kamma & Fruit = Cause & Effect!

By Helping others, one thereby helps oneself.
By Harming others, one also harms oneself..
By Supporting others, one supports oneself...
By Cheating others, one also cheats oneself.
By Giving to others, one also gives to oneself!
By Stealing from others, one steals from oneself!

Guarding oneself, one therefore protects others...
Protecting others, one thereby guards oneself...

The Mirror reflects all Action, yet is itself Empty!

To avoid all Killing.
To avoid all Stealing.
To avoid all Abuse.
To avoid all Lying.
To avoid all Alcohol.
Is thus to this world
the Highest Offer!

Avoiding all Evil...
Doing only Good!
Purifying the Mind:
That all Buddhas teach!

Details on the causal mechanics of Kamma = Intentional Action:

The Echo: The efficacy of Kamma is a reflected rebound of probability ...     

The Mirror!

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Updated: 07 Jun 2015
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