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The Power of Insight Purifies the Mind!

In what sense is insight a power?
Understanding impermanence, insight is not disappointed by expecting any endurance!
Knowing suffering, insight is not captivated, even when experiencing sense pleasure!
Comprehending no-self, insight is not deceived by any apparent, yet imaginary ego!
Apprehending disgust, insight is not obsessed by the delight of any adored object.
Appreciating disillusion, insight does not get addicted, when influenced by craving..
Recognizing ceasing as peace, it does not get hooked on any new form of arising..
Realizing relinquishment, it is not perturbed by any old panic induced by clinging..
Insight cuts through all wavering & hesitation, even when blinded by ignorance..
This penetrative incisive comprehension is neither indecisive, nor ever vacillating
as if when in serious doubt, or confused by uncertainty. Thus is insight a
Visuddhimagga 703

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The Power of Insight!

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