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The Sage is a stilled & silenced Seer..

The Buddha explained the sweet, yet solid silence of the sage:
From all acquaintance, association, affiliation, and attachment
, fear arises!
From any form of civil house-life emerges
a mentally dull and dusty pollution!
The sage therefore prefers the disentangled and dissociated houseless state.
He who has cut down what has grown up accumulating, and who would never
neither plant anything new, nor irrigate what has already sprung up, him they
call a solitary wandering sage. Such great seer has seen the state of peace...
Having considered and comprehended all the fields of constructing activity,
having stilled all initiation and all clinging affection, such sage indeed, seeing
the end of both birth and death, is
beyond both speculation and designation!
Knowing all stations of the mind, yet detached from
them all, a silenced sage
with neither greed, nor preference, does neither do any good, nor any bad,
for he has gone beyond to the far shore, by
not accumulating any kamma...
Overcoming all, knowing all, very intelligent, unattached to all phenomena,
giving up all, completely released by the destruction of craving, such one the
wise know as a sage... One who has the power of wisdom, endowed with pure
virtue, and ascetic praxis
, concentrated, delighting in meditation, possessing
continuous mindfulness, released, detached, with neither mental barrenness,
nor with any mental fermentation brewing, such one the wise know as a sage..
Persistent, unshaken by blame & praise like a lion not trembling at any sound,
or like the wind not caught in any net, or like a lotus not defiled by any mud..
The sage is wandering alone, attentive, leading others, not to be led by any..
In the midst of oppression, despise and accusation he becomes imperturbable
like a pillar, with passion gone, with senses well under control... Immovable,
straight, upright, direct, never ever deviating, disgusted with all evil deeds,
examining both good and bad
conduct, such one the wise surely know as a sage..
Fully restrained, fully self-controlled, who
cannot be angered and who never
angers anyone, who does no evil, and who neither praises, nor criticizes any
him indeed the wise know as a sage.. Constantly protecting all living and
breathing beings, the sage meditating in the remote forest, all beyond both
company and sex, completely released, not tied to anything, never negligent,

knowing all in this world, seeing the highest goal, having crossed this flood,
such a one, with all bonds completely cut, not fettered, without any mental
pollution, selfless, swift and elevated,
him indeed the wise know as a sage...
Sutta Nipāta 207-221

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The silenced Sage..

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