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The No-self Simile: A Camera without any 'Photographer'

That there is a camera, an object, and images are generated does not in itself
imply that anyone is looking into the camera, or is operating behind the camera!
That there is an eye, an object, and that a visual experience is generated,
does not in itself imply that any 'self', or 'observer' ever existed!

There is an object, and the process of seeing, but no 'seer-subject' is involved thereby.
There is no one who senses, even though the dynamic process of sensing naturally occurs!
Seeing is just a selfless event of contact between eye, an object, and visual consciousness.
No 'person' or 'onlooker' is involved there! No subject or 'I' is inherently created thereby,
just because there is an object, or just because there occurs the process of seeing ...
The fact that there is an image projected, does not per se imply, in or by itself, that
any-one actually is 'looking in' or 'is behind' the camera ... 'By that' perception no 'perceiver'
is thereby present, or created ... So the 'personal entity' we assume, suppose, deduce, expect,
and believe to enjoy the experience is merely a mental construct, an idea, a concept,
and not a reality ... The passive impersonal process of sensing, perception, and experiencing
cannot thereby be 'instrumental' for neither creating, nor inferring any 'being in existence'!
The fact of this fundamental 'selflessness' is an essential core of the Buddha-Dhamma.
This core teaching is outmost, yet subtle, counter-intuitive, and thus difficult and somewhat
'nasty' to comprehend. Keep trying, since this central Anatta doctrine is an ultimate opener,
releaser, and freer of any mind. Being hopelessly in love with an imagination of 'I' is both fatal,
tragic, and sardonically comic ... Hehehe : - ]

The Buddha explained this subtle yet liberating impersonality like this:
So have I heard: When the Blessed One, on repeated requests from the Venerable Bahiya
instructed him, standing in the street, in what were Venerable Bahiya's last minutes of life,
the result was that he, Venerable Bahiya, a bark-clothed sage attained final Nibbāna right
after that instruction!

This direct, clear-cut, and express explanation was cut exactly so:
In the seen is merely the process of seeing, and what is seen.
In the heard is merely hearing, and what is heard.
In the sensed is merely sensing, and what is sensed.
In the thought is merely thinking, and what is thought.
So knowing, you will not be connected 'with that'.
So disconnected you will not be absorbed 'into that'.
So neither 'with that', nor 'into that' you are! not 'by that' sensation.
When there is no 'you' inferred, or conjectured by that perception,
then 'you' are neither 'here', 'there', 'both', 'beyond', nor 'in between'...
Udāna – Inspiration: I – 10

The Self as merely a 'Model', an informational structure, a practical Representation

The Transparent Avatar in your brain:

The Selfless Camera..

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