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What are the 7 Sets, which produce Enlightenment?

The seven sets are connected, mutually dependent working both sequentially & in parallel!

Before the Blessed Buddha Gotama (563-483 BC) was the good Buddha Kassapa, and
before him were the Buddhas: Konāgamana & Kakusandha all in this universal eon cycle!

Before them were there Buddhas: Vessabhū, Sikhī, Vīpassī, Phussa, and Tissa, Siddhattha,
Dhammadassī, Atthadassī, Piyadassī, Sujāta, and Sumedha, Padumuttara, Nārada, Paduma,
Anomadassī, Sobhita, Revata, and Sumana, Mangala, Kondañña, Dīpankara, Saranankara,
Medhankara & Tanhankara! Even before them were an endless number of Buddhas...
They all explained these 7 Sets of Qualities Producing Enlightenment! What Seven?

1: The Four Foundations of Awareness
2: The Four Best Efforts

3: The Four Ways to Success & Force

4: The Five mental Abilities

5: The Five mental Powers

6: The 7 Links to Awakening

7: The Noble 8-fold Way

All Buddhas in the future beginning with Metteyya will also explain these!

Those who study these Dhamma drops and pays attention will learn each single set
of ability to an extent he/she will not easily forget. Thus is lasting progress ensured!
When the mirror is polished, then it produces an entirely perfect reflection of the
original supreme absolute...Thus: Hang on here! Never Give Up! May all sentient beings
awaken into the ultimate peace, absolute freedom and highest happiness thereby!

The next Future Buddha

Bodhisatta Ajita Metteyya

More on these 37 requisites for Enlightenment (bodhipakkhiya-dhammā):


The seven sets whirl around one single state: Absolute freedom!

The 7 Sets..

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