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Mentality & Materiality are Mutually Dependent:

Interdependence of Mentality and Materiality; of the dual Name-and-Form:
Mentality alone has no efficient power, it cannot eat, drink, speak, nor walk...
Materiality alone is also without sufficient power, since it cannot do anything
without orders and drive: It has neither desire to eat, drink, speak, nor walk...
When materiality and mentality are joined together, these two twins can act:
When mentality (mind) has a desire to eat, a desire to drink, a desire to speak,
or a desire to walk, it is materiality (body) that eats, drinks, speaks and walks!
Mentality is like the robot's software. Materiality is like the robot's hardware.

Mentality and Materiality, Mind & Matter are Inseparable!

Therefore did the Ancient Elders say:
The mental and the material does really exist, but here there is no 'human being' to be found,
for it is void, and merely fashioned like a doll.. Just suffering piled up like grass and sticks...
The mental and the material: Name-and-Form are Siamese Twins, that each supports the other:
When one dies, they both die, surely inseparable due to their necessary mutual dependence...
They cannot come to be by their own strength, or even maintain themselves by their own power..
Depending on other states, weak in themselves, conditioned and constructed, they come into being;
They come to be, with others as crucial requirement... They are activated by others as a controller!
They are thus produced by object and condition, and each by something other, than itself...
And just as men depend upon a ship for traversing the ocean, so does the mental mind need the
material body for real efficiency. And as the ship depends upon the men for traversing the ocean,
so does the material body need the mental mind for induction, guidance, manipulation and control.
Depending each upon the other both the ship and the men can sail the Samsaric seas.
And so do both mind and matter depend upon the each other... Visuddhimagga 597

Is this phenomena Mind or Matter or both or neither?

On this Mind-and-Matter Duality, Mentality-Materiality, Naming-and-Forming:
Nāma-Rūpa, The_Core_Duality, Name_and_Form, No_Being_No_Person

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