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Real & Absolute, yet not to be Seen, Heard or Sensed!

The Buddha once said about the signless Nibbāna:
There is that, which is unborn, uncreated, unformed, unconditioned and unconstructed!
If, Bhikkhus, there was not this unborn, uncreated, unformed and unconstructed,
no escape from what is born, created, formed and constructed could ever be realized...
But since there indeed exists that, which is utterly unborn, uncreated, unformed and
unconstructed, the escape from this born, created, formed and constructed state can
therefore indeed be realized, explained and made known as right here and now!

An unconditioned, unborn, and uncreated ultimate Absolute:
That which is born, that which has become into being,
that which is conditioned, that which is dependent,
that which is co-arisen, that which is created,
that which is unstable, unsafe and prone to decay,
that which is the bridge between birth and death,
this seat of disease, with nutriment and birth as its cause,
will all perish...!  It is thus not worth clinging to, or ever rejoice in...
The escape from this transience, is calm, beyond the sphere of logic,
being that which is safe and stable, that which is unborn,
that which is not dependent, but sorrow-free, and stainless,
this realm is the final ceasing of all states involving any suffering,
this stilling of all construction,
is absolute Bliss, and ultimate Peace...
Udana – Inspiration: VIII - 3

The Signless Sameness of Nibbāna:
There is that state, where there is neither earth, water, fire, nor any air,
where there is neither trace of solidity, nor fluidity, nor heat, nor motion,
where there is neither infinity of space, nor of consciousness, nor nothingness,
where even no subtle state of neither-perception-nor-non-perception remains,
where there is neither any 'here', nor any 'there' of this or any other world,
where there is neither any sun, nor moon, nor planet, nor any universe at all;
There, Bhikkhus, one cannot designate neither any coming, nor any going,
nor any remaining, nor any duration, nor any beginning, and much less any ending...
Neither is there any activity, nor any movement, nor any fixed static stability,
nor any ground, basis, cause, or source for any conditioning medium whatsoever...
This unity, this singularity, this signless sameness only is the End of all Suffering!
Udana – Inspiration: VIII - 1

Non-spatial, Non-Temporal, Invariable and Non-Reactive is Nibbāna:
Where neither solidity, fluidity, heat, nor motion find any footing,
there no sun, moon or star ever shines. There is neither any light yet,
nor is there any darkness. When the Noble, through stilling of all construction,
through quieting of all mental formation, directly experiences this, then is he freed
from both form and formlessness, then is he released from both pleasure and pain
and have gone all beyond...
Udana – Inspiration: I – 10

Comments: There are 2 kinds of Consciousness:
1: Mundane (Of this world) and 2: Supramundane (Above and beyond this world, transcendent):

1: Sense Consciousness,
that always has an object  (a form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or an idea)
This is a discrete moment of awareness, that arise and cease momentarily with its object:
Blinking like this: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Such a moment cannot ever be kept, nor thus 'owned'...

2: Signless Consciousness (animitta viññāna), which is continuous and functions as that
which 'experiences' the bliss of Nibbāna  as an unbroken signless sameness:
Steady like this: ___________________ Continuous, same, still, unbroken, imperturbable Bliss! 
It has no object  (sensed or felt), except or apart from that stilled free peace in itself...

The Buddha Gotama entering Nibbāna 80 years old ~ 483 BC.
Though dying as you see: Happy is he _/_ _/_ _/_ :-)

More on this sublime Blissful State called Nibbāna:

Immutable Signless Sameness!

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