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    How to Cool the Slavery of Desire and Lust?

At Savatthi, the Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus, when the perception of a human skeleton or a worm-infested,
bleeding or pus festering corpse, or a livid bluish black & rotting corpse,
or a cut up, gnawed and hacked corpse, or a bloated, inflated & swollen
corpse, is developed and cultivated, then it is of great fruit and benefit!
It leads to great good, it leads to great security from bondage, it leads
to a great sense of urgency, it leads to living in fearless ease & comfort!
How, Bhikkhus, is the perception of a skeleton developed & cultivated so
that it is of great fruit and benefit?  Here, the Bhikkhu systematically
develops the:
Awareness Link to Awakening, joined with the experience of a skeleton.
Investigation of states Link to Awakening, while examining a cadaver.
Energy Link to Awakening, perceiving a worm-infested & rotting corpse.
Joy Link to Awakening, while laughing over a gnawed & hacked corpse!
Tranquillity Link to Awakening, accompanied by seeing a livid corpse...
Concentration Link to Awakening, focused on a bloated & swollen corpse.
Equanimity Link to Awakening, indifferent even near a hacked carcass...
Which is based upon seclusion, disillusion, ceasing, & maturing in release...
It is in this way that the perception of a skeleton or a disgusting corpse
is developed & cultivated, so that it is of great advantage, and benefit...
Bhikkhus, when the perception of a skeleton is developed and cultivated
in this way fused & enhanced with the seven Links to Awakening, one of
two fruits is to be expected: either final knowledge in this very life or,
if there is a remaining residue of clinging, the state of non-returning...

Meditating on disgusting signs is the only thing that can quell greed & lust!
For inspiration regarding such corpse-meditation see the corpse pics at:  Guest Password: corpses
Should only be viewed by adults : Strong Warning!

Good autopsy video of shot soldier here:

This particular meditation on disgusting signs is especially well suited for:
Those characterized by greed, lust and desire as the dominant defilement:
Homosexual gays and lesbians, Pedophiles, Overweight Eaters, Porn-maniacs,
Bulimics, any compulsive mental disorder, anxiety, angst, worry, obsessions,
Phobias, and everybody in general overwhelmed by their yearning desires!
Whenever desire arises one can quell it by remembering a disgusting sign!


For details on Meditation on the Body as a mere form (KayagataSati):

This eliminates fear of loosing body. Not afraid of loosing body means no
fear even of Death! When not afraid of Death, then one does not fear
anything at all in this world! Then one is relaxed by the gladness of ease!
When Death comes, one says: Come on in! Have a cup of tea before we go?

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V:129-32] section 46: The Links. 57-61: The Skeleton...

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