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Sliced by Praise, Fame, Gain and Honour:

At Savatthi the blessed Buddha said: Friends, horrible are gains, honours,
fame, name and praise! As if they cut through the outer skin, then through
the inner skin, then through the flesh, then through the sinews, then right
through to the bone! Having cut through the bone, they reach the marrow
itself. So terrible indeed friends, are gains, honour, fame, name and praise...
They are as if splattering pig bile over a mad dogs nose, bitter, vile, wicked,
tricky, obstructive to achieving this incomparable security from domination!
Friends, I have known of a certain person here whose mind I penetrated with
my own mind and have thereby realized: This venerable one would not tell a
deliberate lie even for the sake of his own life! Yet, sometime later, I see him
telling a deliberate lie, because his mind was overwhelmed & obsessed by gain,
honour, fame, name & praise... So destructive, friends, are gain, honour, fame,
name and praise, so bitter, so vile and blocking any achievement of matchless
security from bondage. Therefore, friends, you should train yourselves thus:
"We will leave behind any arisen gain, honour, fame, name & praise and we will
not let the arisen gain, honour, fame, name and praise remain obsessing or
consuming our minds Thus should you train yourselves...!"

The banal "I am the Next Superman/Superwoman" syndrome is too common! 

The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya II 238

Name and Fame...

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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