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The smoky, deceptive & illusive Ego:

The idea or concept of 'Self' inherently assumes that a 'Same Constant Self':

'Self' is the 'Same' from one moment to the next. Belief in 'self' therefore
assumes that something is: 'identical' and there thus defines a core 'identity'...
This is a hidden unseen form of Eternalism to believe that something  remains
the 'Same' and 'Identical' from one moment to the next! This inherently hidden
Eternalism, the 'personalists=egoists=puggalavadins' often both overlook &/or deny!

Universal Impermanence: However, the invariably observable & undeniable fact is:
Nothing whatsoever remains the same from one moment to the next moment:
Form changes, whether own or other;
Feeling changes, whether internal or external;
Perception changes, whether experienced by eye, ear, nose, mouth, body or mind;
Mental Construction changes, whether it is intention, planning, wanting or wishing;
Consciousness changes, whether visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile or mental;
In short all name-&-form, whether internal or external changes momentarily... 

There exists thus NOTHING unchanging whatsoever!
Neither within nor apart from The 5 clusters of clinging,
Neither within nor apart from the duality: Name-&-Form,   
that ever could possibly qualify as an unchanging, same, constant & identical self...
Since both the 5 clusters of clinging and Name-&-Form notify ALL phenomena,
internal as external, there cannot truly be said to exist any self anywhere at all... 

Ego-Adornment = Self-Aggrandizement is rooted in the deep desire to exist:
The 'self', 'ego', 'I', 'me' we cherish so much and love so deeply thus appears to 'exist'
only in the conventional sense as an 'idea', as a mental construction: A 'concept'...
This central notion nevertheless is the core of all 'egoism' and possess therefore
the power to drag beings into repeated birth, death, possessiveness, conflict & war...
Nothing is thus more Dangerous than the idea of a 'Self'... A master serial killer!
The EGO-concept - though immaterial, false and unreal - is the very core of evil... 

Self as linguistic invention... A pointer without any reference; pointing nowhere!
It is pragmatically practical in daily life to operate with notions of 'I', 'Me', 'You',
 'They' etc. as if these existed as lasting entities, yet this is only a FEATURE of the
conventional structure of LANGUAGE & not a part of the factual & actual REALITY!
In the ultimate & absolute sense, however, there exist only ever-changing discrete
states of mentality and materiality, arising and ceasing every moment...
Just a blinking flux...As ephemeral as smoke... Or stroboscopic light...
Ceasing in the same moment as it arised! Right there & then! 

There is No Agent, but there is Activity:
There is really the event of action, but no real actor; No one who acts!
The occasion of feeling exists, but no feeler exists; No one who feels!
The input of perception occurs, but there is no perceiver; No one who perceives!
The experienced phenomena IS, but no experiencer is; No one who experiences!

The Automatic Egoless Camera:
There is a camera filming, but no one who is 'behind' the camera...
There is a film projected up upon a screen,  but no one who is 'inside' the cinema...

The invisible prison = EGO!

Those who are afraid of Nibbana, since it seems the be a loss of 'Self' may be relieved
by understanding that one cannot loose something that never was there, that never
really existed in the first place...Nibbana is real and exists, but no self enters it...
The Noble path is real and liberating, but no self completes it...
If one does not wish to die – again and again – one must penetrate, comprehend and
relinquish this false conceptualization of 'Self=Me=I' ... Purging the Ego-Concept!

This No-self = Anatta Doctrine:
It is the core doctrine of Buddhism & the door to stream-entry!
It is particular to Buddhas and never revealed by any other!
It is liberating beyond any measure and imagination!
Keep digging. There is nothing down or in here!
One has to see that for 'one-self'! Hehehe... ;-)

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Blissful is solitude for one who is content, learned & who sees the True Dhamma.
Blissful is harmlessness towards all beings without exception.
Blissful is freedom from any sensual urge whatsoever.
Yet, the supreme bliss, is the elimination of the abysmal conceit “I am”!'
Udana – Inspiration: II – 1

Self-Aggrandizing puffed up Ego-Assuming!

The Ego Tunnel - Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger TED video:

See: The Conventional Concept: A Person = puggala:

Ego is an essence-empty inflatable void!

About No-Self = Anatta in general:

The smoky, deceptive and illusive Ego...

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