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Moderation when Eating is very Advantageous!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
How, Bhikkhus and friends, is material food to be considered?
Imagine, two persons, husband & wife, with only few provisions, are wandering
through a desert with their only child, their beloved and dear little son.
However in the middle of the desert, their food runs out! Then this husband and
wife think: Let us kill our only child, our loved dear little son, prepare dried flesh,
and thus while eating this cross the rest of the desert. But, while eating this flesh,
they beat their breasts, weeping and lamenting: Where is our own little son now?
Where is our only child? What do you think, Bhikkhus and friends: Do these two
people eat their food for amusement, or for pleasure, or to become beautiful?
No, Venerable Sir.
Do they eat this foul food, their only son's flesh only to escape the desert?
Indeed so, Venerable Sir.
Even and Exactly so, Bhikkhus and friends, should one regard all material food!
Once one has fully understood material food, one has also understood any kind
of greed for all five sense objects. Once one has fully understood the greed for
the 5 sense objects, then there exists no more any mental chain, bound by which
the Noble Disciple could ever return again to this world!


The simile of the Son's Flesh!

More on disabling the craving, urge, and greed for food:

Source (edited extract):

The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya 12:63

The Son's Flesch!

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