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Stilling of all Construction is Peace!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Just as the oil-lamp burns on oil and wick, but after consuming of all oil and wick,
through lack of fuel, the flame comes to ceasing, similarly the Bhikkhu knows when
sensing a feeling limited to this body: I am sensing a feeling limited to this body.
Sensing a feeling limited to life, he knows: I am sensing a feeling limited to life.
He knows that: With the break-up of this fragile frame, at the ceasing of life,
all sensed, not being clung to, will grow cold, and cease right there and then...
Here this monk, thus cooled, is endowed with the highest unshakable wisdom...
This is the highest, and most sacred truth, to know how all Suffering will cease!
Whatever is unsafe is mistaken! Only Nibbāna is the absolute, true and real safety...


Stilling, Tranquillization, Subsiding: 9 Stillings, Stilling_of_Clinging

Silenced (Muni):

Silenced, Forest_Bliss, Calm, Feeding_Tranquillity, Tranquillity_Passaddhi

Source Text (extract): Majjhima Nikāya 140: Analysis of Elements:

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