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The 10 Mental Perfections Fulfilled by all Buddhas!

The Ten Perfections of an Enlightened One:
The Great Beings (Mahasatta = Bodhisatta) being destined for Buddhahood) are always
intent on the welfare of all living beings, and do not tolerate any suffering of anyone,
wishing all beings long enjoyment of their particular states of happiness...
For all being's sake they therefore practice for many universal cycles (aeons) the: 

The 1st Perfection: Not favourizing any special side, they are quite Generous (Dāna)
impartially towards all, without considering whether they are worthy of gifts or not.

The 2nd Perfection: By avoiding all killing, harming or hurting of any living being, and
by neither stealing, cheating, lying, nor faking, they practise purity of Morality (Sīla).

The 3rd Perfection: To perfect morality, they retreat into Withdrawal (Nekkhamma).

The 4th Perfection: In order to obtain absolute certainty of what is advantageous and
what is detrimental for beings, they purify, and complete their Understanding (Paññā).

The 5th Perfection: For the sole sake of the salvation and welfare of all breathing beings,
they always arouse, and exert their quite heroic, and enthusiastic Energy (Viriya).

The 6th Perfection: Patiently they endure, and tolerate abuse, full of Forbearance (Khanti).

The 7th Perfection: They never break promises, or speak what is not Truthful (Sacca).

The 8th Perfection: Rock solid resolute with unshakable Determination (Adhitthāna) they
keep ever relentlessly working hard for the safety, and welfare of all sentient beings.

The 9th Perfection: With outmost gentle, kind, benevolent, and good Friendliness (Mettā)
they teach, guide, serve, and protect all kinds of beings in an entirely selfless way.

The 10th Perfection: In their well ballanced and imperturbable Equanimity (Upekkhā)
they do not expect anything in return. Neither are they stirred by any worldly fuzz...
Source: Visuddhimagga IX, 124

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