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Life is Short, Difficult, Unknown & Surely Lethal!

The Blessed Buddha once pointed out:
The life of mortals here is
difficult, brief, unknown, without any guarantees and
it is always joined with the inherent misery of ageing, decay, sickness and death!
For there is no chance, that one born will not die! To die is the nature of all beings.
Just as for ripe fruit, there is constantly fear of falling, even so do all beings also
constantly fear death. Just as clay-pots all break up sooner or later, even so is the
life of all mortals. Whether young or old, foolish or wise, all of them will surely die!
When they are overcome by death, going from here to the next existence, no one,
neither father, son, or family can protect the
mortal, who is led away like a cow to
be slaughtered. And that even
while the wailing relatives are actually looking on...
This world is irreversibly infected by death, sickness and old age.
Knowing this as an
unavoidable absolute,
wise men do not grieve, but accept this very fact just as it is.
Lamenting over a mortal is utterly useless. One whose path one cannot know, seeing
neither from where he came, nor where he is going, cannot be helped by any moaning!
All wise can realize, that lamentation just harms oneself, serving no good purpose
And this is true, whether it is oneself, or another, who is dying: Weeping won't help!
Sutta-Nipāta verses 574-583 Edited excerpt.

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