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  On the 3 types of Persons similar to Sick People:

The Blessed Buddha once noted:
There are these three kinds of bodily sick people:
ne, who will recover by himself, even without any doctor or any medicine..
, who  will never recover, even if treated by the best doctor & best medicine..
, who will only recover if treated by right medicine and a good doctors advice..
It is for the sake of this last person, that doctors work and medicine is made!

It is similar with those mentally infected by illness of greed, hate and ignorance!
There are these three kinds of mentally sick people:
One will cure and free himself, even without meeting this Buddha-Dhamma...
One will never be cured, even if taught this Dhamma by the Buddha himself...
One will be cured & freed, if & only if, being thoroughly taught this Buddha-Dhamma...
It is for the sake of this last type of person, that this Dhamma should be shared!

The Best Doctor treating one of his disciples for a physical illness.

Mental Dis-Ease is found in almost all beings!

The Kammic Causes of Disease:

Source (abbreviated excerpt):
The Numerical Sayings of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya. Sutta III:22
The sick [I:120] Gilānā

Incurable or not?

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