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Purity comes by Guarding the 3 Doors of Action:

Friends, there are these three purities:

Purity of Mental Action!
Purity of Verbal Action!
Purity of Bodily Action!

Herein, what is purity of bodily action?
It is complete avoidance of all killing of any breathing being, avoidance of taking
whatever is not freely given, and refraining from any misbehavior in sense desires.

Herein, what is purity of verbal action?
It is total avoidance of all false lies, avoidance of all aggressive speech, shunning
all divisive slandering speech, and refraining from all idle and empty hear-say gossip..

Herein, what is purity of mental action?
It is non-envious non-greediness, kind and gentle good-will, and Noble Right View...

These 3 behavioral purities are:
Like the earth in property: A firm footing to those, who desire Freedom..
Like water are they, for they wash away all the stains of mental defilement..
Like fire are they, for they burn the whole forest of the mental obstructions..
Like wind are they, for they blow away all the dust of mental obscuration..
Like a ship are they, for they ferry those, who desire Peace across this Samsara..
Like a shelter, for they restore Faith in those frightened by Ageing and Death..
Like a guide are they, leading any wishing ease out of the jungle of wrong views..
Like a mirror are they, making any who want Bliss to see the Clusters of Clinging..
Like an umbrella, warding off incessant scorching of Greed, Hate and Ignorance..
Like the sun are they, for they dispel the darkness and gloom of Deluded Confusion..

Who fully guards his speech, and is well controlled in mind,
Who does nothing disadvantageous through the body's  door,
Who purifies this simple triple course of all acted-out behaviour,
Will win both the path and the fruit, that all the ancient Seers have enjoyed!

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The Absolute Mental Manual: The Path of Purification. Visuddhimagga.
Excellent if not legendary translation by Bhikkhu Ñānamoli  (1905-1960).
Written by 'The Great Explainer' Buddhaghosa  on 5th century Ceylon:

3 Door Integrity ...

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Updated: 19 Jun 2015
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