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The 3 Jewels of the Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha:

Worthy, honourable and  perfectly self-Enlightened is the Buddha!
Consummated in knowledge and behaviour, totally transcended,
expert in all dimensions, knower of all worlds, unsurpassable trainer
of those who can be tamed, both teacher and guide of gods as well as of
humans, blessed, exalted, awakened and enlightened is the Buddha!

Perfectly formulated is this Buddha-Dhamma, visible right here and now,
immediately effective, timeless, inviting each and everyone to come and
see for themselves, inspect, examine and verify. Leading each & everyone
through progress towards perfection. Directly observable, experienceable
and realizable by each intelligence...

Perfectly training is the Noble Sangha community of Buddha's disciples;
training the right way, the true way, the good way, and the direct way!
Therefore do these 8 kinds of individuals, the 4 Noble pairs, deserve both
gifts, self-sacrifice, offerings, hospitality and reverential salutation with
joined palms, since this Noble Sangha community of the Buddha's Noble
disciples, is an unsurpassable and forever unsurpassed field of merit, in
this world, for this world, to honour, respect, support, and protect...

Repeating this verbal device daily induces growth of faith, confidence and 
conviction, which is the initiating spiritual ability... By thorough examination
this matures into the ability to understand! Just like a razor blade, which
can be sharpened on a mirror... Faith emanates from the heart!

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Updated: 11 April 2017

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