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How are all the Buddhist Mental Training 3-fold?

The Blessed Buddha often emphasized:

Friends, without having mastered the basics of good morality (sīla),
it is impossible to master the domain of concentration (samādhi)!
Without having mastered the domain of concentration, it is not
possible to master the sphere of understanding (paññā) ! AN 5:22

Develop your concentration, friends, by regular & daily meditation!
Since the one who has concentration understands things according
to reality as they really are & become. And what are these things?
The momentary arising and passing away of all forms, of all feelings,
any perception, all mental constructions, & of all consciousness. SN 22:5

1:Morality (Sīla) => 2:Concentration (Samādhi) => 3:Understanding (Paññā)!

Significant Consequences:
No pure morality entails no absorption when meditating...
No absorbed concentration entails no supra-mundane understanding...
No genuine understanding means no progress along the Noble path...
No progress along the Noble path entails stagnation or back-sliding....
Back-sliding often entails down-fall into the terrible destinies at death!

About Morality (Sīla): The Basics of all Good is this mighty Morality see:

About Concentration (Samādhi): The best Tool is Concentration see:

About Understanding (Paññā): The highest Ability is Understanding see:

Mental Training is 3-fold!

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