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The inevitable Dissolution of All Phenomena:

            All past constructions have vanished. All present construction is vanishing.
            All future constructions will vanish. All phenomena are sure to cease.
            All being in existence will be cut off. All becoming is therefore truly a Terror!
            It is void, vain and empty like an empty village, like a tumour, a cancer. Like a trap, a burning pit!

            About this both sweeping and stunning Generalization the Ancients Elders said:
            The substitution of the Object. The transference of the Understanding.
            The power of redirecting thought - these are the Insights following real Reflection.
             Defining both to be alike. By inference from that same object,
             Intent on ending all - these are insights into the characteristics of decay and fall.
             Having reflected on an object, one contemplates dissolution of that thought,
             Appearance then as Empty - this is insight into higher Understanding.

            Clever in the three contemplations: The arising, fall, and dissolution of all phenomena.
            And in the fourfold Truth too. Skilled in the three characteristic appearances:
            Transience, suffering, and no-self the various diverse views cannot shake him.
            With view of what is present purified. He infers the past and future to be alike:
            He know that all constructions will disappear like a dew drop in the morning sun.
            The clusters of clinging cease and nothing else ever were. The breakup of these groups is
            known as Death. He observes their continual decay unwaveringly as one who drill a hole
            in a jewel with a diamond.. Visuddhimagga-Magga (The Path of Purification) XXI


As the expert drilling a jewel with a diamond tool only pays attention to the hole and not
            to the colour of the jewel, so do the meditator too, wisely keep his mind fixed and focused
            on the Ceaseless Dissolution of all conditioned construction, and not on the constructions
            (mental formations) themselves.. Visuddhimagga-Magga commentary (Paramatthamanjusa) [830]  

            And he who regards the World as one who watches a bubble, as one views a mirror image,
            is unseen by Mara, Death - the King.  Dhammapada 170.

             When one sees the dissolution of reflection on causes and conditions, this thinking in itself
             being an construction - a mental formation - the ancients elders (poranas) said:
             He sees with insight both the known and the knowledge. Knowledge is what is known and
             understanding is the act of understanding that. Seeing with insight is always seeing it as it
             verily really just is: Impermanent, miserable and impersonal..

Be careful. The world is a trap!

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