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What are the details of the First Noble Truth of Suffering?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
What, now, Bhikkhus and Friends, is The Noble Truth of Suffering?
Birth is Suffering; arising is Suffering; ageing is Suffering, decay is
Suffering; death is Suffering! Sorrow, pain, lamentation, frustration,
depression, melancholy, sadness, hopelessness, & despair are Suffering...
Not to get what one wants and to get what one not wants is Suffering!

All the groups of existence: The Five Cluster of Clinging are Suffering!
What now is birth? The birth of the various kinds of beings, their being
born, their conception & springing into existence, the manifestation of
the 5 groups of existence, the appearance of the 5 clusters of clinging,
the beginning of the activity of sensing: All this is called birth...
And what is decay & ageing? The decay of all the various kinds of beings,
their becoming aged, elderly, weak, withered, atrophic, gray, & wrinkled,
the failing of their vitality, the fading away of their abilities & senses:
All this is called decay & ageing...
And what is death? The departing & exit of the various kinds of beings,
their destruction, vanishing, disappearance, dissolution of components,
ceasing of life, the casting aside of the body form: This is called death...
And what is sorrow? The sorrow arising by this or that loss or calamity
the worry, the distress, mental pain & affliction: This is called sorrow...
And what is lamentation? Whatsoever, after any deprivation or mishap,
is wailing & weeping, moaning & mourning: All this is called lamentation...
And what is pain? The bodily pain & unacceptable physical displeasure,
the painful, aching, and unpleasant feeling produced by bodily reaction:
All this is called pain...
And what is sadness? The mental pain and frustration, the dejection,
grief, depression, and unpleasant feeling produced by mental reaction:
All this is called sadness...
And what is despair? The Distress & despair arising through this or that
loss or misfortune, hopelessness, and desperation: this is called despair.
And what is the Suffering of not getting what one wishes?
To beings subject to birth there comes this desire: Oh, may we not be
reborn and to beings subject to decay, disease, death, sadness, pain,
& despair, this desire arises in them: Oh, may we only & always be happy!
But this cannot be got by mere desire... To be thus naive is Suffering! 
Source: DN22

Not exactly pleasing, but absolutely true and thus freeing!

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