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The Unconditioned, Uncreated, and Unborn State:

This, unquestionably - so has there been heard by me - was so stated by the Blessed One,
was explained exactly so by the worthy Arahant:

"There exists indeed, monks, that which is unborn,
that which is unbecome and uncreated,
that which is uncaused and unconditioned... For if there were not that which is unborn,
is unbecome, is uncreated, that which is uncaused and unconditioned, there could not be
made known right here the absolute escape from that which is born, from all that which
is become, from all that which is created, from all that which is conditioned...
However since there indeed exists that sublime state, which is unborn, which is unbecome,
which is uncreated, and utterly unconditioned, there is therefore right now made known
the complete escape from that, which is born, from that, which is become, from all that
which is created, from all that which is dependent and conditioned..."

So said the Lord Buddha while adding:
"That which is born, that which is become, that which is co-arisen, that which is conditioned,
that which is created, that which is unstable, that which is the bridge between birth and death,
this seat of disease, with nutriment as its causal source, is only and always perishable...
This transience is nothing in which to rejoice or ever take delight!
The escape from all this is stilled calm, all beyond the sphere of logic, being that which is stable,
that which is unborn
sameness, that which is independent, not co-arisen, grief-free, dustless,
stainless, this state is the ceasing of conditions involving suffering, it is the pacification and
complete stilling of all constructed formation! It is absolute Peace. It is the highest Bliss..."
This matter, too, was stated by the Lord Buddha, so has there been heard by me.

Source: The Itivuttaka - Spoken by Buddha. The Unborn Sutta 43

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