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Mission Complete: Laid down is the burden!

The Buddha once said about The Arahat: The Perfected Worthy One:
For a disciple thus released, whose mind dwells in pure peace, there is
nothing to be added to what has been done, and nothing more remains
for him to do. Just as a rock of one solid mass of granite stone stands
unshaken by any wind, even so do neither forms, nor sounds, nor smells,
nor tastes, nor contacts of any kind, whether attractive or repulsive,
disturb an Arahat. Imperturbable is his mind, gained is release!
AN 6:55

He who has considered all dualities, all differences, all contrasts here,
who is never anymore stirred or perturbed by anything in all this world,
such Peaceful One, freed from rage, elevated above sorrow, and without
fumes of longing, he has passed beyond birth, decay, and death...
Sn 1048

Arahat Qualities, Best among Gods & Men, Withdrawn_&_Accomplished

One who has completed this journey is untouched by any pain or sorrow.
One who is in every-way wholly freed has broken all the mental chains.
For such perfectly Noble One, no suffering is ever possible!
Dhammapada Illustration 90 Background Story 90

Calm is his mind. Calm is his speech. Calm is his action.
So is the Tranquillity; So is the Equanimity;
So is the Serenity;
of one freed by the Insight of absolute knowledge.
Dhammapada Illustration 96 Background Story 96
Whether in village or forest, on land, in the sea, or on the mountain;
where Arahats dwell all is indeed delightful, subtle and refined.
Dhammapada Illustration 98 Background Story 98
Delighting are the forests, where the passionate
common folks do not haunt
their trivial pleasures... There the cooled ones find the Bliss not of this World!
Dhammapada Illustration 99 Background Story 99

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