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Seeing the 5 Clusters of Clinging as Alien:

The blessed Buddha once asked:
What do you think, Bhikkhus & friends, is form, feeling, perception
mental constructions, and consciousness permanent or impermanent?
Impermanent, Venerable Sir.
Is what is impermanent suffering or happiness? Suffering, Venerable Sir..
Is what is impermanent, suffering, and subject to change fit to be regarded
thus: "This is mine, this I am, this is my self"? No, Venerable Sir...!
Therefore, Bhikkhus & friends, any kind of form whatsoever, any kind of
feeling whatsoever, any kind of perception whatsoever, any kind of mental
construction whatsoever, & any kind of consciousness whatsoever, whether
past, future, or present, internal or external, gross or fine, high or low, far
or near, all this should be seen as it really is with true understanding thus:
"This is not mine, this is not me, this I am not, this is not my or any self..."
Seeing thus, bhikkhus & friends, the learned Noble Disciple experiences
revulsion towards all forms, towards all feelings, towards all perceptions,
revulsion towards all mental constructions, revulsion towards all consciousness.

While experiencing this revulsion, he becomes disillusioned and detached.
Through this detaching disillusion his mind is released! When it is released
there emerges this rock-solid assurance: This mind is irreversibly released...
He then understands: Destroyed is any new rebirth, this Noble life has been
fully completed, what had to be done is done, there is no state beyond this...

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The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya 24:71 III 223

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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