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Breakthrough to the Truths eliminates a Mountain of Suffering!

The Blessed Gotama Buddha once explained:
Bhikkhus & friends, please see this little dust that I have taken up upon the
nail of my little-finger, what do you think is most: This tiny amount of dust
or this great planet Earth? The Bhikkhus then responded:
Venerable Sir, this great planet Earth is much more, incomparable more...
The minute speck of dust is trifling, microscopic, negligible in comparison.
The Blessed Gotama Buddha then pointed out:
Similarly and exactly so too, is that amount of samsaric Suffering, which
remains for a Noble Disciple trifling, microscopic, negligible in comparison.
such Noble One, who is consummated in view, who has broken through
to understanding the
4 Noble Truths, the accumulated mass of Suffering,
that has been shattered and irreversibly eliminated is incomparable more...
The Suffering that still remains to be experienced for such a Noble person,
is trifling, microscopic, & negligible in comparison, since there remains only
a maximum of 7 more lives for such a Noble One, as he is one who actually
understands all this, as it really, truly, essentially and assuredly indeed is:
All this is Suffering;
Craving is the Cause of Suffering;
No Craving is the End of Suffering;
The Noble 8-fold Way Ends all Suffering,
Therefore, Bhikkhus & friends, exertion should be made Now to understand:
All This is Suffering; This Greedy Craving is the sole Cause of all Suffering;
No Craving is the End of Suffering; The Noble 8-fold Way Ends all Suffering,
Therefore should an effort to fathom these 4 Noble Truths be made NOW!

Seeing the Truths is thus equivalent to a saving release from gigantic pain!

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:459-60]
section 56: Saccasamyutta. Thread 51: The Fingernail ...


Saved and Safe is the Noble!

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