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Drops of Dhamma Delight - SabbedAnam DhammadAnam JinAti!

The gift of Dhamma surpasses all other gifts...    Dhp 354

For those looking for Devices to Calm, Ease, Freedom & Peace:

Alien Remote and Other
Anger and Irritation
Assured & Ascertained Awakening
At All Times
Awareness by Breathing
Because of Not Examining
Because of Not Knowing
Best Protection
Beyond Release
Blazing & Bright
Blazing Friendliness
Bodily and Mental Feeling
Boiling but burnt
Buddha on Kamma
By Nature
Careful & Rational Attention
Careless & Irrational Attention
Cause of ruination & purification
Cause of Identity View
Cause of Ignorance
Clinging to the notion I Am
Clusters and Elements
Colourful but Muddy
Complete Comprehension
Constructive Destruction
Crushing the Carrot
Curing Doubt and Uncertainty
Curing Lethargy and Laziness
Curing Restlessness and Regret
Cut Craving
Dependent on Contact
Desire & Lust
Detached from Feeling
Devoted to Wakefulness
Discrete States
Divine Refuge
Doubt and Uncertainty
Effect of Action (kamma) is Delayed
Emotional Storm
Empty of What
Encouraging Arousal
Ending Pain Itself
Ending Physical Pain
Ending Sadness and Frustration
Endowed with Wisdom
Evaporating Bad
Evil Kamma enhances other Evil

Evil-smelling body

Fading Away
Failed by Neglect
Feeding the Hindrances
Feeling Causes and Effects
Final Destination
Final Knowledge
Final Tools
Four Personalities
Fulfilled First 
Ghosts Petas
Good Action dilutes Evil Kamma
Good Action boost Good Kamma
Good Friendship
Good gets Better
Guarding the Sense Doors
Guarding the Senses
Hands and Feet
Happiness of the Flesh and Beyond
Happy Habit
Harmlessness and Tolerance
Helpers to Stream Entry
Highway to Nibbana



How 5 Become 10
How to Cure Anger and Irritation
How to Cure Cruelty and Revengefulness
How to Cure Envy and Jealousy
How to Cure Ill Will
How to Enter
How to Escape
How to Overcome Doubt
How to Remove Distracting Thoughts
Imperturbable Equanimity
In Control
In Dependence on Contact
Indifference Creates Ignorance
Input I-dentification
Joys Beyond This World
Joys of the Flesh and Beyond
Just a Flash
Kamma is the intention!
Kamma => Beauty or Ugliness
Kamma => Health or Sickness
Kamma => Low or High Birth
Kamma => Fame or Disrespect
Kamma => Folly or Intelligence
Kamma => Wealth or Poverty
Kamma => Short or Long Life
Latent Feeling
Leaving All Behind
Leaving Wrong View
Lethargy and Laziness
Like Foam
Links to Stream Entry
Magnificent Mind
Meditation On the Body Kayagata-Sati
Middle Way
Milk and Water
Mistaken Deference
Moderate in Eating
Naturally Radiant
Nine Supremes
No Nostalgia
No Panic Here
No Substance 'Out There'
Noble Purpose
Not Resisting Anything
Not Yours
Observance Day
Obstructing Corruption
Of Vital Importance
Origin of Abilities
Perceiving Transience
Poson Poya
Proximate Causes of the Root Defilements
Rare Emergence
Released by Disgust
Restlessness and Regret
Sacred Sights
Sakka's Question

Seed of Good

Serene Equanimity and Beyond
Sila 1 to 5

Solo Self-Deception
Source of What

Seed of Good


Serene Equanimity and Beyond
Sila 1 to 5

Solo Self-Deception
Source of What
Starving the Hindrances
Stilled but not Dead
The 1st Noble Truth on Suffering

The 2nd Truth: The Cause of Pain

The 3rd Truth on Ceasing of Pain

The 4th Truth on The Noble Way

The 108 Feelings
The 18 Principal Insights
The 24 Conditional Relations
The 2 NibbAnas
The 3 kinds of Craving
The 3 kinds of Suffering
The 4 Doors
The 4 Noble Truths
The 4 Persons similar to Trees
The 4 kinds of Clinging
The 5 Clusters of Clinging
The 5 Higher Chains
The 5 Lower Chains
The 5 Mental Hindrances
The 7 Latent Tendencies
The 7 Purifications
The 8 Aspects of Feeling
The 9 Supremes Explained
The Burning Five
The Canal
The Causes of Ignorance
The Charcoal Pit
The Core Duality
The Deathless
The Deathless Dimension
The External Transience
The Eye
The Final Goal
The Fire of Sense-Desire
The Fisherman's Hook
The Formless Dimensions
The Good Friend
The Internal Transience
The Mirror
The Ocean of Stimuli
The Other Side
The Source of All
The Three Diseases
The Three Doors
The Three Fermentations
The Three Jewels
The Three Searches
The Uncreated
The Way
The purpose of purification
Things that can be clung to
Three Basic Kinds of Feeling
Transient formations
Two kinds of Desire
United in Harmony
Uprooting Egoism
Wesak 2006
What is Contact
What is Ignorance
What is Mara
What is Nibbana
What is Progress
What is Sensual and Sexual Misbehaviour
What is Suffering
What is Virtue
Who is the Creator
Why I am Buddhist
Without Wavering


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