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Infinite Loving-Kindness is an Exalted  State!

The Blessed Buddha once explained Loving-Kindness (Mettā) like this:
This is what should be done by a
clever one to arouse the advantageous:
Having attained a peaceful state: He should be capable, straight, and very
upright, easy to speak to, gentle and not proud, contented and easy to support,
with few duties, living simple, with
calmed senses, devoted, and neither angry,
nor greedy. He should not do any mean thing, which wise men would criticize.
always should wish: Let all beings be happy, joyous, glad, safe and secure.
Whatever living creatures there exist, still or moving, small or large, seen or
unseen, far or near, already existing or coming into being, let all these living
beings without any even single except
ion be completely and perfectly happy!
One should never despise anyone anywhere, nor humiliate anyone anywhere,
nor ever wish for any beings misery or harm, because of anger or irritation.
Just as a mother would protect her only little son even risking her own life,
exactly so should one cultivate an unbounded mentality towards all beings:
Loving-kindness towards all in this universe. One should cultivate an infinite
mind, above, below and across, without barriers, without enmity, matchless..
Whether standing, going, sitting, or lying down, even when slumbering should
one practise this exalted infinite goodwill. This is said to be a Sacred State!
Sutta Nipata 143-151

Video on Mettā  Meditation on Friendliness:

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