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    What is indeterminable and irresolvable?


The 10 indeterminable subjects deliberately undeclared by the Buddha:

1: The cosmos is eternal
2: The cosmos is not eternal,
3: The cosmos is finite...
4: The cosmos is infinite...
5: The mind and the body (brain) are the same. (inseparable)
6: The mind is one thing and the body (brain) is another. (separable)

7: After death a Tathāgata exists...
8: After death a
Tathāgata does not exist...
9: After death a
Tathāgata both does and does not exist...
10: After death a
Tathāgata neither exists, nor does he not exist.

“And they lived arguing, quarrelling, and disputing, wounding one another
weapons of the mouth, saying, "The Dhamma is like this, not like that.
The Dhamma is not like that, it is like this." Ud 6.4


Due to their irresolvable nature, these 10 questions should be laid all aside,
they only provoke endless and fruitless speculation and dispute, which
needless to say blocks any progress whatsoever toward the ending of suffering!



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The irresolvable!

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