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These 6 fine Things Uniting in Harmony are to be Remembered:


The Blessed Buddha once said:
These six fine phenomena are to be remembered in order to Unite any Community in Harmony:
Which six?
1: Friendly Behaviour Metta-kaya-kamma = friendly bodily action both in public, and in private.
2: Friendly Speech Metta-vaci-kamma = friendly verbal action both in public, and in private.
3: Friendly Thinking Metta-mano-kamma = friendly mental action both in public, and in private.
4: Sharing of Gains Sadharana-bhogi = common wealth even down to any single lump of food.
5: Moral Agreement Sila-samannagato = uniform morality: All respect and protect the same ethical rules.
6: Same Views Ditthi-samannagato = similar attitude: All share the same general views and opinions.
These 6 things are to be considered and remembered both for individual, and also for social Harmony...

So that we can come to sleep with open doors, and dance with the children in our arms :-)

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Source (edited extract):
The Numerical Sayings of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya.
The Book of Sixes 11: To be Remembered... [III: 288-9]

United in Harmony :-)

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