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What is the Fruit of the Noble 8-fold Way?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
While alive, then he is untroubled, and when he dies too, then he is not worried!
A recluse who has seen the goal, lives undisturbed even in a sorrowful world... Udāna 46

Wherever he goes, there he is unafraid.. Wherever he sleeps, there he is untroubled!
The nights and days neither touch, nor burn him. He sees nothing in this world that is
to be kept, or lost.. Therefore his mind dwells in goodwill, and gentle kindness towards
all beings until he falls asleep. Samyutta Nikāya I 110

One who has attained the Dhamma has no task to do, as his task has been accomplished.
As long as he has not obtained a foothold, any swimmer must strive to his utmost ability,
but when he has found a place to rest his feet, and gone up to dry land, his striving is over,
because he has crossed to the further shore... Samyutta Nikāya I 48

Untroubled, unworried, unconcerned, unagitated, & all undisturbed!

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Untroubled Yeah!

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