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No Identical Identity Exists neither Internally, nor Externally!

At the time of Buddha Gotama Ven. Khemaka spoke thus:
I do not regard any form as 'This I Am' or 'I am' as if 'inside' any form, nor
do I regard 'This I Am' as 'apart from' any form or as if 'outside' any form!
I do not regard any feeling, perception or mental construction as 'This I Am'
or 'I am' as if 'inside' any feeling, perception or mental construction, nor do
I regard 'This I Am' as 'apart from' any feeling, perception or mentally made
construction or as if 'outside' any feeling, perception or mental construction!
I do not regard any consciousness as 'This I Am' or 'I am' as if 'inside' any
consciousness, nor do I regard 'This I Am' as 'apart from' any consciousness
or as if 'outside' any consciousness ... !

Yet, although this notion, this conception, this assuming, this conceiving, this
imagination, this mental fermentation, this false reference 'I Am' has not yet
vanished in me, still I do not consider anything neither internal, nor external,
neither among these five clusters, nor apart from the five clusters as: "Mine",
nor as "This I Am", nor as "This is My Self"... !

When a Noble Disciple keeps contemplating the momentary arising & ceasing,
the change, the becoming otherwise, the decay, fading & vanishing, and the
conditioned & dependent emergence of these five clusters of clinging, then
the subtle residual desire for 'identification', the remaining 'Ego'-conceit, &
the lingering & latent tendency to suppose 'I Am', not yet eliminated comes to
be uprooted! Thereby do the toxic traces of destructive Egoism all evaporate..
This - in itself - is release, is relinquishment, is liberation, is final freedom!

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Khemaka Thera:
An Arahat. Once, when he lay very ill at the Badarikārāmā,
near Kosambī, some monks, staying at the Ghositārāma, sent Dāsaka, with a
message to Khemaka, inquiring whether he managed to bear his pains.
Dāsaka returned with the reply that he did not; he was sent again to ask if
Khemaka had seen the self in the five khandhas; when Dāsaka returned with
the answer that he had not, he was sent a third time to ask whether Khemaka
was an arahant. "No," came the answer, and Dāsaka had to visit him a fourth
time with the inquiry, What did Khemaka mean by self?
In exasperation Khemaka came himself to Ghositārāma and explained how,
even when the Noble Disciple has put away the five lower fetters, there still
clings to him a subtle remnant of the "I" conceit. As a result of this radical
sermon Khemaka himself and sixty others became Arahats right on the spot!

Source of inspiration:

This Elder Lion Ven. Khemaka thereby Awakened 60 Theras & himself!
The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya III 127-32
http://store.pariyatti.org/Connected-Discourses-of-the-Buddha_p_1379.html Complete Free Text here:

PS: If one does not get either slightly thrilled or slightly dizzy by reading
this exposition, one has probably not understood its sublime profundity!  

Uprooting Egoism!

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