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How do the 7 Links to Awakening induce Breakthrough?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
And what, Bhikkhus, is the method to induce vast penetration?
It is these 7 Links to Awakening! What seven?

1: The Awareness Link to Awakening: sati-sambojjhanga.
2: The Investigation Link to Awakening: dhammavicaya-sambojjhanga.
3: The Energy Link to Awakening: viriya-sambojjhanga.
4: The Joy Link to Awakening: pīti-sambojjhanga.
5: The Tranquillity Link to Awakening: passaddhi-sambojjhanga.
6: The Concentration Link to Awakening: samādhi-sambojjhanga.
7: The Equanimity Link to Awakening: upekkhā-sambojjhanga.

Then, the Venerable Udāyī asked the Blessed Buddha: 
Venerable Sir, how are these 7 Links to Awakening developed, and cultivated so that
they lead up to, and induce vast penetration?
Udāyī, when a Bhikkhu develops the Seven Links to Awakening supported by seclusion,
supported by disillusion, and associated with ceasing, then they culminate in a mental
release, which is vast, exalted, and infinite, without any trace of ill will, or opposition.
With such exalted mind matured & refined by these 7 Links to Awakening, he smashes,
penetrates, and eliminates the mass of greed, that he has never before penetrated,
smashed, and eliminated; he penetrates, demolishes, and eradicates the heap of hate,
that he has never before penetrated, demolished, and eradicated; and he penetrates,
disintegrates, and disperses the accumulation of confusion, that he has never before
penetrated, disintegrated, and dispersed...
It is, Udāyī, when these Seven Links to Awakening are developed, and cultivated
in exactly this way, that they lead to this incisive breakthrough of penetration...

On the 7 Links to Awakening (Sambojjhanga):

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V: 87-88] section 46: The Links.28: Leading to Penetration...


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