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'feeling', sensation, is the 2nd of the 5 groups of existence (s. khandha II).

According to its nature, it may be divided into 5 classes:

  • (1) bodily agreeable feeling (kāyikā sukhā-vedanā = sukha);

  • (2) bodily disagreeable feeling (kāyikā dukkhā-vedanā = dukkhā);

  • (3) mentally agreeable feeling (cetasikā sukhā-vedanā = somanassa);

  • (4) mentally disagreeable feeling (cetasikā dukkhā-vedanā = domanassa);

  • (5) indifferent or neutral (adukkha-m-asukhā vedanā = upekkhā, q.v.).

With regard to the 6 senses, one distinguishes 6 kinds of feeling: feeling associated with seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, bodily contact and mental contact. The textual wording of it is 'feeling arisen through visual contact' (cakkhu-samphassajā vedanā; S. XXII, 55; D. 22), etc.

Feeling is one of the 7 mental factors inseparably associated with all consciousness whatever, s. nāma.

In the formula of the dependent origination (paticcasamuppāda, q.v.), feeling is the condition for the arising of craving (tanhā).

The above-mentioned 5 kinds of feeling are enumerated amongst the 22 abilities (indriya, q.v.). -

See M.59; Contemplation of Feeling (Vedanā Samyutta), by Nyanaponika Thera (WHEEL 303/304).

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