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'detachment', seclusion, is according to Niddesa, of 3 kinds:

  • (1) bodily detachment (kāya-viveka), i.e. abiding in solitude free from alluring sensuous objects;

  • (2) mental detachment (citta-viveka), i.e. the inner detachment from sensuous things;

  • (3) detachment from the substrata of existence (upadhi-viveka).

In the description of the 1st absorption,

  • the words "detached from sensuous things" (vivicc' eva kāmehi) refer, according to Vis.M. IV, to 'bodily detachment';

  • the words "detached from karmically disadvantageous things" (vivicca akusalehi dhammehi) refer to 'mental detachment';

  • the words "born of detachment" (vivekaja), to the absence of the 5 hindrances.

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