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The Non-Empty Void of Blinking States!

Void, Void, they say! Void of exactly What?
There is no & never was any permanent
entity or individuality internally 'in here'!
All processes of being is void of 'continuous', 'same' or 'identical' internal identity!
Neither is there any time stable,
same substance, same world externally out there!
All is void of a constant same enduring lasting entity...There is no static existence...
There is only a
flux of change, transience & ever renewed momentary becoming..
Avoiding both extremes of Eternalism & Annihilationism one should remain in the
Middle of Dependent Co-Arising:
When this is present, that appears.
When this is absent, that does not appear.
With the emergence of this, that too arises.
With the ceasing of this, that too disappears. 
Just as there is a
mirror and a reflection even so is:
The apprehending and the apprehended;
That which knows and what is known;
Mentality and Materiality;
Naming and Forming;
Mind and Matter... 
Transient indeed is this subtle essentially inseparable & dual dynamic appearance,
since both elements is momentary, changing, discretely blinking in a passing serial
sequence of ultra-quick arising and ceasing, how can such be said to exist even for
a moment? Even while perceived, this moment is already gone, for never to return!
This is all void, empty is this world, a vacant hollow are all these phenomena
Void of permanence, sameness, satisfying substance and void of self!

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