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What causes most humans to fall right into Hell at Death?

The Blessed Buddha once took up a little bit of soil on his fingernail
and asked: What do you think, Bhikkhus, which is more: The little bit
of soil on my fingernail or this great planet earth?
Venerable Sir, the great planet earth is much more. The little bit of
soil that the Blessed One has taken up on his fingernail is a trifle...
It is not calculable, does not bear any comparison, does not amount
even to a minute microscopic fraction of this great planet Earth!
The Blessed Buddha then made his forceful point clear by saying:
Similarly, Bhikkhus: So few humans are reborn among human beings!
Many human beings experience the downfall & are reborn in Hell...
For what reasons?
Because few humans honour ascetics and recluses. The majority of
humans do not honour or revere neither ascetics nor recluses....
Because few humans avoid taking what is not given. The majority of
humans do indeed take or swindle what is not openly & freely given!
Because few humans avoid false speech. The majority of humans do
indeed lie, deceive, misrepresent, bending truth misleading others...
Because few humans avoid false weights and estimates, false prices,
false measures, false papers, false information and false metals...
Because few humans avoid the crooked & warped ways of bribery,
deception, trickery, insincerity, cheating, dishonesty and fraud...
But many & numerous are the human beings who do not so refrain!


Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:474]
section 56: The Truths: Thread 102: Passing Away as Humans.

A sure way to the Barbeque is cheating or stealing
from a Noble Bhikkhu Sangha or pure ones in need.



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