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Any Buddha is a sublimely Well Gone One (Sugata):

1: Because of the Way he has travelled, was good,
2: Because of having gone to an excellent Destination,
3: Because of having gone there Completely and Absolutely,
4: Because of explaining the Way thereto suitably and precisely!

The Noble 8 fold Way he went, was purified and blameless, since it was without delay,
obstruction, and leading directly to a sublime safety! The excellent place, that he has
gone to is the deathless state of Nibbāna, which is supreme, since this happy mode of
existence cannot be found anywhere else! He has furthermore gone there
absolutely, and irreversibly without ever going back again to the defilements eliminated
by each stage of the path. For it is said: He does not again turn around, return, or slide
back to the defilements abandoned by first the stream-entry, then the once-returner,
then the never-returner and finally the Arahat path, thus is he supremely well gone...
From the time of making his resolution at the feet of Dīpankara Buddha  many universal
cycles ago, up until his Enlightenment in year 534 BC, by working solely for the welfare
and happiness of the entire world, and through the fulfilment of the thirty perfections,
and through following the Middle Way without ever deviating towards either of the two
extremes, that is:
Neither towards indulgence in sense pleasures, nor in any self-torture,  
towards any form of eternalism, nor to any form of annihilationism, therefore is he
sublimely well gone (sugata),  having gone rightly and exactly down the exceedingly subtle,
razor-sharp, and difficult Noble 8-Fold
Middle Way! Then he enunciates and explains this
unique Way rightly and exactly by speaking only about what is relevant, what fits the present
occasion, and in a way that suits the ability of the many listeners, so that they understand... 
Therefore also is he a sublimely Well Gone (Sugata) One, because of explaining this Way
faultlessly, systematically, and accurately. Vism I 203


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