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What Are the 10 Advantageous Anti-Actions?

1: Neither killing, nor harming is Advantageous.
2: Neither stealing, nor cheating is Advantageous.
3: No adultery and no abuse is Advantageous.
4: No false speech is Advantageous.
5: No divisive speech is Advantageous.
6: No angry speech is Advantageous.
7: No empty gossip is Advantageous.
8: No jealousy or envy is Advantageous.
9: No angry ill will is Advantageous.
10: No wrong view is Advantageous!

Resisting and actively abstaining from, and avoiding doing something wrong,
is actually actively doing something very good! Such good action is quite
advantageous, since it results in the sweet fruit of a pleasant future.

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