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    What is Mind and Consciousness?

A friend asked: What is Mind?
Mind (Mano) is an ever changing cyclic sequence of these 5 phenomena:
Contact1 => Feeling1 + Perception1 => Intention1 => Attention1 =>
Contact2 => Feeling2 + Perception2 => Intention2 => Attention2 =>
Contact3 => etc.

Regarding Consciousness itself:
Consciousness is NOT created by the brain, but RESIDES WITHIN the brain!
Just like the beer is inside the bottle, but is not created by the bottle...

To identify Mind only with Brain is a (false) view, which actually is a philosophical
(often dogmatic) standpoint, and NOT a scientifically, nor an experimentally verified fact.
This tantalizing yet too simple IDEA is called physicalism or materialism!
On this common, yet wrong assumption named Mind-Brain Identity Theory see:


Consciousness is information. Information is definitely real, but not material...

Luminous is the Mind said the Buddha! And Non-Local may we today add:
Interestingly: When one person sees light in a dark room, another distant person's
brain emits low level light, if they are magnetically identically pulsed:
Full text here:

Furthermore: So do cell cultures also! When one receives light, the other shines!

Bhante, when anaesthesiologists inject chemicals into the body to influence the brain
to make the patient lose consciousness, are these chemicals then interacting with
consciousness itself and not the physical brain?

Anaesthetic chemicals interact with the brain cells, which then interact with the element
of consciousness. Like if you smash the bottle of a beer, then the beer runs out of the
bottle, consciousness is affected if the nerve cell membrane is made unstable and thus
leaking by
anaesthetic agents. Neither of course proves the false assumption that the
bottle actually produces  the beer..., nor that the brain produces  the consciousness...,
just that they both are 'containers' of another element...

PS: Consciousness is not completely 'gone' during anaesthesia, since there is unconscious
perception, and memory formation during anaesthesia:


Furthermore: Brain function is a correlated set, and not independent events:
2 persons sitting in different buildings, and rooms have correlated EEGs.
Friends vs. strangers have specific correlation patterns:

>What is going from this life to the next?
In brief: Causal Conditioning!  Please see:

Regarding Buddhist Theory of Rebirth-Linking (patisandhi) see also:

For an Orthodox Buddhist explanation of the transmigration of consciousness:
Rebirth Explained: V. F. Gunaratna, BPS, Kandy, Wheel Publication No. 167-69


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Mind Dhammapada section with soothing music and images Citta-Vagga:

What is Mind?

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