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 The Absolute and Ultimate Release Beyond!

A wandering friend once asked the Great Disciple:

Friend Sariputta, Nibbāna, Nibbāna  is it said! What is this Nibbāna?
The destruction of Greed, the destruction of Hate, and the destruction of
Ignorance! This, friend, is called
But, friend, is there a method, is there a way to reach this
There is indeed a method, friend, there is indeed a way to reach
What, friend, is then this method, what is then that way to reach
It is, friend, simply the completion of this Noble 8-fold Way, namely:

Right View  (sammā-ditthi)
Right Motivation  (sammā-sankappa)
Right Speech  (sammā-vācā)
Right Action  (sammā-kammanta)
Right Livelihood  (sammā-ājīva)
Right Effort  (sammā-vāyāma)
Right Awareness  (sammā-sati)
Right Concentration  (sammā-samādhi)

This is undeniably the very method, friend, the only way to reach Nibbāna!
Oh excellent is this unique method, exquisite is this way to reach
This –in itself- is enough for me, friend Sariputta, to begin the endeavour!

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Source (edited extract):

The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [251]
section 38:1 Questions on Nibbāna ...

 What is Nibbгna?

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