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 What is this Fundamental Right Awareness?

That Noble Eightfold Way, leading to Nibbāna, is simply this:
Right View, Right Motivation, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood,
Right Effort, Right Awareness and Right Concentration.

But what is Right Awareness?

The 4-fold Definition of Right Awareness:
Awareness of the Body merely as a transient and compounded Form..
Awareness of Feelings just as conditioned emotional Responses..
Awareness of Mind only as habituated, and temporary Moods..
Awareness of Phenomena only as constructed Mental States..
Right Awareness is of these 4, while being alert, and clearly comprehending,
will put away longing towards, and aversion against anything in this world!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Friends, this is the only direct way to the mental purification of beings,
to the overcoming and elimination of all sorrow, frustration, pain and misery,
to gaining the right method, to the realization of Nibbāna, that is:
This establishing of exactly these 4 Foundations of Awareness:
These 4 frames of reference...

Core Concept: The 4 Foundations of Right Awareness are:
1: Being aware of the BODY as only a transient form.
2: Being aware of the FEELING just as a reactive response..
3: Being aware of the MIND merely as a  passing set of moods...
4: Being aware of any PHENOMENON solely as a mental state....

Awareness is indeed a Mountain of Advantage!

The Explanation of Acute Awareness and Clear Comprehension:
When inhaling and exhaling long, one notices and is fully aware of just that..
When inhaling and exhaling short, one notices and is fully aware of just that..
One trains: I will breathe in-&-out clearly comprehending the entire body.
One trains: I will breathe
in-&-out calming the breath, and all bodily activity.
When walking, one notices, and clearly comprehends, that one is walking.
When standing, one notices, and clearly comprehends, that one is standing.
When sitting, one notices, and clearly comprehends, that one is sitting down.
When lying down, one notices, and clearly comprehends, that one is lying.
Going forward one notices, and clearly comprehends, this going forward.
When returning one notices, and clearly comprehends, this returning.
When looking in front or back, one notices, and is clearly aware of that.
When bending or stretching, when lifting or carrying, when eating or
drinking, chewing or tasting, one is aware of, and mentally labels just that.
When passing excrement or urine one clearly comprehends exactly that.
While falling asleep, and when waking up, when speaking or keeping silence,
one notices, knows and understands exactly that, and clearly comprehends,
that this is, what one is doing just right here, and exactly right now...
Continuous awareness of purpose, suitability, domain, and nature of one's
current behaviour, whether mental, verbal, or bodily is Right Awareness,
and clear comprehension...

The Characterization of Right Awareness:
Awareness of wrong view or right view present now, is right awareness!
Awareness of wrong motivation or right motivation, is right awareness!
Awareness of wrong speech or right speech now, is right awareness!
Awareness of wrong action or right action done now, is right awareness!
Awareness of wrong livelihood or right livelihood, is right awareness!
Awareness of wrong effort or right effort at this moment, is right awareness!
Awareness of wrong awareness or right awareness, is right awareness!
Awareness of wrong or right concentration just now, is right awareness!

The Function of Right Awareness and its associates:
Knowing right/wrong awareness as right/wrong awareness, is right view.
Exchanging wrong awareness with right awareness is right effort.
Right awareness has the function of observing, noticing, remembering and
knowing the true reality that neither any body, nor any form, nor any feeling,
nor any mentality, nor any phenomena, nor any mental state is real happiness,
truly attractive, lasting, satisfying,
something to be kept, or even personal ...
All phenomena are momentary: They pass away right after the moment of
their arising and occurrence! Nothing is permanent, everything is in a state
of flux: Arising and ceasing, emerging and vanishing, coming and going,
again and again and again and again and ever again...! Anicca = Change...
Continuously seeing this transience, dissatisfactoriness, and impersonality
is right awareness...   

Further study of Buddhist Right Awareness (Sammā-Sati):

For further study on the illuminating presence of Awareness:

Complete reference on Satipatthana: The Direct Path to Realization:

Root texts by the Buddha:

What is Right Awareness?

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